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Lennart Verhoeven

Co-Founder BOM Capital

Poddie's phone booths are an ideal solution for our open-plan offices. It allows us to create many small offices from one large office without the need for additional walls. Team collaboration remains strong as it still feels like colleagues are always within reach or right beside you.

David Budde

Future Energy Services GmbH

The Poddie phone booths have had a very positive impact on our office dynamics. The excellent sound insulation means that conversations with customers and other partners no longer disturb other employees. In the Poddie Work, you can also comfortably stay for an extended period thanks to the adjustable table.

Mitchell Warmerdam

Co-Founder ByOneSix

“We compared a lot of telephone booths but finally chose the Poddie telephone booth. It offers us exactly what we were looking for. A great-looking, soundproof cabin that everyone on the team loves to use! I would definitely recommend them.”

Dirk Thiesen

Dalux Germany GmbH

With Poddie, we finally have peace in our office. The first test was successful, and now numerous Poddies are standing in various branches both in Germany and abroad. The people at Poddie are really great. Quick response times, expertise, and they always conjure up a fast solution.

Birk Bauer

CEO Goodspaces

We are excited about the mobility of the Poddie phone booth. It can be easily moved and adapted to our changing office structures. Flexibility is particularly important in our industry.

Joeri Everaers

CMO The Selection Lab

Wir lieben unsere Poddies! Zunächst war ich etwas zögerlich, da der Preis viel niedriger ist als bei anderen Anbietern, die ich gesehen habe. Aber: Die Qualität und Verarbeitung ist gut. Ich würde sie definitiv anderen empfehlen.

Loes Meys

CMO Maqqie

With our poddie phone booths everyone can hop on a call without disturbing colleagues working in the office garden or blocking an entire meeting room. The quality is great; even though our booths are next to each other, you can't hear anything that's being said in the other booths.

Katharina Steinbichler

Our two Poddie phone booths are very popular and used daily by oekostrom employees for calls or online meetings, significantly reducing noise in the corridors. We are thrilled!

Nils Jahnecke

BMW Group

A very good solution for a large break room, allowing for private phone calls without disturbing anyone during breaks.

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